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How To Help The Grass Grow??? F*CK IT!!!

Posted on: 23/06/2010

Well, this is certainly environment-friendly…and surely doesn’t cost anything. Unless, of course, u get sued for public indecency.

Calling out Erykah Badu!!!

Anyway, here is a video of people doing something to the grass…apparently to let it grow (Possibly NSFW).

The caption of this video says, “to help the grass grow, men masturbate to it.”

I think the video speaks for itself, noh?


9 Responses to "How To Help The Grass Grow??? F*CK IT!!!"

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Ohhh grass like real grass I thought u just had a male Brazilian wax πŸ™‚ my bad.

LOL! I am just as confused when I saw the clip. Had to ask what on earth they were doing. And I was just staring at this person’s ass bouncing up and down the grass. Haha!!!

this was from the erotic anthology film entitled “Destricted” various “sexual” acts were shown to depict Balkan history and tradition through sexuality. i find it interesting and at the same time leud and lascivious … but it’s still learning … haha

I think I will expect more about it from u…keep ’em coming…

lewd. .. franz here .. so this is your blog …

Yes it is. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by…

Hi John

I think this is called rooting the grass lol

Cheers Steve

LOL! I think u can also call it pounding the bush…so to speak.

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