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I love Japanese food and I love Excapade. I really do…except that sometimes this place is noisy, although sometimes I am part of the noisy patrons but sometimes, I just need the my peace and quiet while I swallow that raw salmon whole.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I know, I promised to make a write up on my food review which also means I will have to summon the wizard for a brain and it is coming soon but I think I will have to do this before that.

I was so tired from gym for two hours of sweating and huffing and puffing so I wanted to have my favourite dish with a two of my friends. So I went there straight from exercise and ordered my usual and man oh man, was it awful. The sushi’s were not compact that the rice was falling off, the service was poor and I ordered my Coke Light with lemon and this is how I received it…

They placed the lemon on top of the soda can. Not in a platter, not in the glass but they thought it would be best to place it on top of a a non-wiped, dusty and moist top of a soda can.

I swear, I wanted to scream. I have been warned by some of my friends of how bad it is over there but I never expected it to be like this.

I have been to the other Excapade Branches (Serusop being my fave) and it was never like this.

Never again!

Oh…and in case I didn’t mention it yet, it is the one in Gadong.


I was honoured to be invited in the Diplomatic Reception to celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence Ball here in Brunei Darussalam. I would normally not bother with these kinds of invites because I am intimidated with mingling with the socialites.

In case it is not evident, I AM QUITE SHY!!!

An international “gasp” is in order, I know. I just know how to mask my inhibitions by talking too much or making fun of things. But really, I am trembling like an Eskimo without his fur (note: I have thought of a funnier thing to say but I am afraid that the Embassy might see this. LOL!).

Besides, the ball being an Independence Day Celebration just entails us to wear barongs, which is unfortunately not my best suit, so to speak.

See what I mean??? I look like a freaking lollipop.

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I know I have not detailed so much but I did a little research and I think this is as detailed as it could get. Like I said, usually these things are not announced and kept under the radar. Reason for the divorce is still undisclosed.

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Brunei – Brunei’s sultan announced Wednesday he is divorcing his Malaysian wife after five years of marriage.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the 63-year-old absolute monarch of this tiny, oil-rich country on Borneo island, married Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, a former Malaysian TV news journalist, in 2005.

Azrinaz, 30, gave birth to the sultan’s 11th child, a baby boy, less than a year after their wedding and a daughter in 2008.

Brunei’s palace announced on state television and radio late Wednesday that the sultan has divorced Azrinaz and revoked all her royal titles. No other details were made available, but rumors of a royal breakup had been circulating in Brunei.

This is the second divorce for the sultan, whose private fortune has been estimated to total at least $20 billion in recent years. He broke up with former airline stewardess Mariam Abdul Aziz, who is of Bruneian, Japanese and Scottish ancestry, in February 2003 after 21 years of marriage.

He remains married to his first wife, Anak Saleha, whom he wed in 1967. Their son, Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Bolkiah, is heir to the throne.

The sultan ascended to the throne on Oct. 5, 1967, after his father abdicated.

The sultan’s wealth is legendary. While playing polo with Britain’s Prince Charles, he once had his polo shoes delivered — by helicopter — to the palace field.

…and there you have it.

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I have heard this news circulating for quite some time now but, just as long as the headline of this post goes, I know nothing much.

Earlier tonight, an announcement was made that the Sultan of Brunei is officially divorcing his second wife, Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim . She is now stripped of her title and all honour bestowed upon her.

I am sure this will be all over the newspaper tomorrow. I have been here in Brunei for quite some time and usually things like this are hush hush except in this case. So I suppose posting this would not cause me any trouble. 🙂

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I am so hungry from my three hours and i thought that I was hallucinating…

Guess not, huh???

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To continue…  

So another thirty minutes later, which I personally think is not near unless it is like five-minute drive away, we FINALLY got there. Here are the rest of us.  

From left: Dillard, Galgal and her kids, behind them is Ricky, one in blue I forgot his name, in black is Ricky and far right is Ricky 🙂 (that was hard!)


Obligatory group photo. I think it is a way of remembering what you look like…  


Ricky (Don don) briefed us of the things that we are NOT supposed to do though I did them anyway. And he showed us a sign that practically says THE FACILITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENT OR DEATH WHILE INSIDE THE FOREST!  

Good luck to me…so here goes!  

Here I am hiking…  


It was supposed to be a 40-minute hike according to the liars who mislead me to thinking that I could do this but it turned out to be twice as long because they said I was too slow.  



I say CARRY ME!!! PLEASE :((  

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I am summoning Miss Miley Cyrus to provide the soundtrack for this blog entry…

…cue in THE CLIMB!

“That sounds like fun,” is what I said when my friend invited me to go hiking in Labi a month ago. My reply are words, I think,  that you throw around loosely, like “that’s interesting” or “can’t wait” or “I love you” . I dreaded going specially knowing that I would be a complaining Mary.

The heat…insects…plants…mud…sun. ..THE HEAT.

But then again, for the seven years that I have been staying here in Brunei, I have never really gone to a place that is tourist-y. I love travelling (except the flying part) and since I am here already and I had a mosquito repellent at hand, WHY NOT!?!?

So here goes.


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