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I am still in the running towards becoming the next hopeless weight loss case.


My friend noticed it when I first (of oh so many) time that I lost weight…my thighs were skinny. I think it is only because my friend Janina has thunder thighs.

I love her to every bit of her lumpy cellulite.

Anyway, this is how I can tell if I am still in the right shape.

I realised this when I was trying to get spare change in a resto and then I accidentally dropped it. By reflex, u put ur legs thighs together to keep stuff from falling to the ground. And what do u know…it slipped through.

So since then, I have used this to tell whether I have/am gained/gaining weight. What I do is press my knees together and see what I could push through there. Right now, I can slide through a box of cigarettes. A week ago, I could only let a pencil pass.

Impressive noh?

I had so much for dinner tonight and I have a weekend in Malaysia that I am very excited about so I would be happy to get a sushi coin through these thighs after the coming days.

I promise to do as much shopping as I could to get at least some cardio done. Thinking of getting new Gucci’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will not eat in my upcoming weekend getaway . Meditate and repeat…

Here’s some good news…I have that ass…only if I curve my back enough. LOL!

Summer may be over…but I still want this torso!!!

I had a buffet dinner earlier tonight…and a cake…and tons of juice.


Wonder if I would be this happy if I did follow my work out routine. I would do them but those weights are just so heavy!!!

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