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I was honoured to be invited in the Diplomatic Reception to celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence Ball here in Brunei Darussalam. I would normally not bother with these kinds of invites because I am intimidated with mingling with the socialites.

In case it is not evident, I AM QUITE SHY!!!

An international “gasp” is in order, I know. I just know how to mask my inhibitions by talking too much or making fun of things. But really, I am trembling like an Eskimo without his fur (note: I have thought of a funnier thing to say but I am afraid that the Embassy might see this. LOL!).

Besides, the ball being an Independence Day Celebration just entails us to wear barongs, which is unfortunately not my best suit, so to speak.

See what I mean??? I look like a freaking lollipop.

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I have been following Tim Yap for quite some time now and though I don’t really know much about what he does since I have been away from the Philippines for quite some time now, what I do know is that I want to see his new club called THE MANSION located in The Enclave, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Since the wedding of my cousin was there. I insisted to go since I heard so many great things about the place.

And it did not disappoint…

We went there, danced our asses (and that wedding cake) off and had a blast until the wee hours of Sunday. We had to do our obligatory “red carpet” photos but we did it right before we went home so we were quite smashed and obviously making a scene.

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I kind of love going to events. Well, only if I have the time…

or I feel dressing up…

…or if I have something to wear…

…or I am not held hostage at home living the life of Cinderella.

Anyway, my music friends invited me to watch this concert of French and German Classical Music. I had to run errands for the day.

Fine! I did a little shopping which is totally unrelated to this event. I was busy nonetheless.

While I was driving around and I had to think of what I was going to wear of which I was still unsure then but I did know that I wanted to wear this.

I got this hat in Malaysia and really and my friend, Ricky, just added the brooch on it.

Cute noh?

Take that, Aretha!!! Thank your lucky I can’t find bows as big as my head.

The moment I got home from the airport in Manila,  I was immediately greeted by this box. I always wondered what it would be like to open one of these things. I usually see the posh and the rich getting their clothes in a box so now I get a little bit of that…except my box sort of resembles that of our local pie. This box holds the barong I will be wearing for my cousin’s wedding.

My Barong

This is called a BARONG, a formal wear worn by politicians, lawyers and convicts waiting for their verdict. Any similarity among these three would be a different story.

It is a National Male Attire in the Philippines. Other Filipinos call it a national “costume” only because this is not worn on a daily basis, unlike Indian’s Sari and Malay’s Baju Kurong. Either that or wearing it is only as rare as Halloween. 

I am wearing this for my cousin’s wedding. I need to buy other pieces to wear with this, of course. It is quite sheer and the mere showing of my nipples might enrage the public to throw garbage at me. Would not want to encourage pollution, would we?

My mum got one for herself, too. She needs to be pretty for the event as usual. And no, that’s not where I got it from.

My Mum's Gown

I am way backblogged but I am uploading entries that were supposed to be there since the past two weeks.

Let me shoot myself catch up…

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