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I played around last night with a mattress like this photo. Apparently, I would need the chiseled body to achieve the same look.

Sigh. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Someone said I look like him. Someone is my MUM!!!

This is how thin I want to be…and I want those shoes, too!!!

I have a concert to attend tonight and after seeing this photo, I can safely say that at least I would look safer better than her.
Here is Bjork wearing a Givenchy to attend an art exhibit in New York City.

Image Credit: OMG/Getty Images

It would’ve been better if it were in another colour, I suppose. The flashy gold plus the ruffles all over just made it too busy. Plus Bjork is wearing it with so much personality.

It is like that swan outfit she wore once in an awards event.

Of course, she is blasted for wearing this tinsel that looks like it belongs on a Christmas Tree. I just wonder what will happen if Lady Gaga wore this…

I am quite disappointed here actually.

I posted previously on the quite talked about outfit of Miss Venus Williams in the French Open 2010 which resembles lingerie.

In one of her matches, her bum was on display for all the photographers to exploit. Due to this she has returned to looking normal.

AP File Photo

Image Credit: MSN

I say might as well wear a track suit if you really want to cover up that bum.

Her outfits, including this one now, is from her Sports Wear Line ELEVEN (which is my nickname *insert a big smile*).

I am sad.

The only way I am going to stand out in a sea of flesh is I cover up.


Is it weird that both of them have pretty much the same chest? Equally nice, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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