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I love Japanese food and I love Excapade. I really do…except that sometimes this place is noisy, although sometimes I am part of the noisy patrons but sometimes, I just need the my peace and quiet while I swallow that raw salmon whole.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I know, I promised to make a write up on my food review which also means I will have to summon the wizard for a brain and it is coming soon but I think I will have to do this before that.

I was so tired from gym for two hours of sweating and huffing and puffing so I wanted to have my favourite dish with a two of my friends. So I went there straight from exercise and ordered my usual and man oh man, was it awful. The sushi’s were not compact that the rice was falling off, the service was poor and I ordered my Coke Light with lemon and this is how I received it…

They placed the lemon on top of the soda can. Not in a platter, not in the glass but they thought it would be best to place it on top of a a non-wiped, dusty and moist top of a soda can.

I swear, I wanted to scream. I have been warned by some of my friends of how bad it is over there but I never expected it to be like this.

I have been to the other Excapade Branches (Serusop being my fave) and it was never like this.

Never again!

Oh…and in case I didn’t mention it yet, it is the one in Gadong.


My friend noticed it when I first (of oh so many) time that I lost weight…my thighs were skinny. I think it is only because my friend Janina has thunder thighs.

I love her to every bit of her lumpy cellulite.

Anyway, this is how I can tell if I am still in the right shape.

I realised this when I was trying to get spare change in a resto and then I accidentally dropped it. By reflex, u put ur legs thighs together to keep stuff from falling to the ground. And what do u know…it slipped through.

So since then, I have used this to tell whether I have/am gained/gaining weight. What I do is press my knees together and see what I could push through there. Right now, I can slide through a box of cigarettes. A week ago, I could only let a pencil pass.

Impressive noh?

I had so much for dinner tonight and I have a weekend in Malaysia that I am very excited about so I would be happy to get a sushi coin through these thighs after the coming days.

I promise to do as much shopping as I could to get at least some cardio done. Thinking of getting new Gucci’s. 🙂

I had a buffet dinner earlier tonight…and a cake…and tons of juice.


If any of u are following me on twitter given that I do remember to tweet on where or what I eat, I do always take Japanese food. Have to admit that I didn’t like it at first.


But I knew I had to try it. There are only a few good restaurants here in Brunei plus I know that I have to lose weight. I always tell my friends who are trying to shed off those extra pounds to just lay off the oil, salt and sugar. Take all of these away and you are left with raw meat which is either grilled dry or steamed tasteless.

Which brings us to SUSHI!!!

My Dinner

I think this is the best alternative to grilling or steaming food. It is not tasteless plus I know it is a good source of protein without the three nasty condiments…if that’s what u call it.

I think this is partly the reason why Japanese people are sooo skinny.


Anyway, based on my last post on how there are now fining overweight people in Japan , I think it is with the best intentions at heart.

I just came across this article in Forbes which lists the countries with the healthiest diets.

And I got my dish right…Japan has the best. This is of course in comparison to other countries based on -fat diets rich in fish, lean protein, vegetables, fruits and beans.

According to the article:

Pasternak (author of The Five Factor World Diet and has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and nutrition) praises Japanese cuisine for its focus on cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, bok choy and kale. The main sources of protein in the Japanese diet–fish and soy–are also heart healthy. Finally, the Japanese eat plenty of complex carbohydrates in the form of nutrient-rich buckwheat noodles. Some Japanese practice calorie restriction, eating only until they feel 80% full.

I should try this stop-eating-when-80%-full thing.

But then again, I am quite sure that the 20% space in my tummy will be filled with a cupcake.

I can’t help it. It incessantly calls my name. EVEN IN MY SLEEP, I TELL YOU!

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When I went back to the Philippines, I actually consulted with doctors on the possibility of me undergoing liposuction. They gave me a what the hell is your problem blank stare since they are like twice my size. Apparently, I will have to stay in the hospital for a while to recuperate and also will need a lot more time to recover which means no sex extreneous activities.

I am starting to wonder if my mum can see this blog. God forbid!

Anyway, since I didn’t have time to do that while I was on vacation and I am a little bit afraid of surgeries since I just had one a few months ago (it is not cosmetic, in case you are wondering), I started looking for those online tv products that claim could make you lose weight.

I did not find one there.

And as per my previous post, I missed my flight and had to take a transit plane going to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia then to Brunei. I had to stay there for less than 24 hours but still it gave me time to look around a bit.

I went to the Centre Point Mall (I think that’s what it’s called) and came across this shop that has all those tv products. They didn’t have that electric muscle thing that I used to see before but I did look around and found this.

What it does is that it massages and emits heats to burn the fats. My friend told me a few years back that it does work although his basis is questionable since he is…errr…round.

To date, I have used it three times. Let us see if this would work.

God, I am so pathetic.

The first surgery I was talking was when I had my appendix out. I lost a lot of weight then.

Too bad we only have one appendix, huh???


I should have stared at this photo before I ate my chicken rice and dipped my spoon in my friend’s beef claypot rice.

I hate myself!!!

I went for another three classes last night in the gym…but not necessarily three hours. I barely made an effort in the Step Class, went out of the Combat Class halfway through to look for food and left the Jam Class a little too early.


I was desperate for food and since Pizza Hut is the nearest and most decent place to eat, I just gave myself a little punishment break.

My Dinner

…and that little break means some onion rings, thin crust pizza, chicken wings and a lemon slush.

I lost some weight when I had my appendix removed. Too bad each person only has one.

I will try again today.


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