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These past three four days have been quite hectic for me. It may have been a very long weekend but I think I have finally gotten them all out of the way. A lot of running around like a headless chicken but I was able to get through it alive.


For Saturday, I had to actually work which I think sucks since it means that out of the seven days of the week, I have to wake up early six times. SIX TIMES!!! Then again, early is relative. 😛


I had to run to the gym and exercise for two hours because I had two barbecue dinners. The first started 8 pm and hosted by Kriselda since she just got back to Brunei and will be flying off to the Philippines this Thursday. Come 11 pm, I had to rush to the other dinner which finished at 4 am. Even though I slept for a couple of hours in the second barbecue, the exhaustion it has caused is just the same.  

First Dinner with Kriselda, Matet, Suzanne and I



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I was catching up with a long lost friend of mine, Norm Yip, an established photographer based in Hong Kong the other night. Just wanted to show u a part of our conversation.

Just didn’t know that my blog title would catch on…

I will need a separate blog to talk about him. I can tell u though that he is one of the reasons why I wanna go back to Hong Kong.

I wanna!!!

I needed to shop for the stuff that needed to go with my Barong so I had to ask  bully my best friend to go shopping with me.


This is my best friend in the whole wide world for several reasons:

  1. I’ve known her since primary.
  2. She can cook great pasta.
  3. She is pretty (this is an obligatory statement).
  4. She would skip classes to spend time (shopping) with me (and she did).
  5. Her boobs are not an unknown territory to me (too bad I cannot reciprocate).

I miss her whenever I am away and when I get back to the Philippines, we see each other like it was just the day before. Not a lot has changed and I love her dearly. Like I told her, “I love you like a nympho loves sex!”

And we love to eat, too.

We had Mexicali after shopping.

BUFFET is saved for next time.

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