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One big whop!

It is not exactly a big surprise especially now that Alejandro Video is out. It has been brought up numerous times but with her latest video, it has become especially evident. The black and white video, the outfit, the hair, the armalite bra, the fact that not one male in the video is hideous…and the list goes on and one.

Plus it doesn’t help that they somehow have the same make up person. They don’t exactly look alike but why do they have to have the same make up?

I guess LG saying that she wants to challenge the notion “no one can be original anymore” is a total fail.

Watch the video and see for urself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Gaga. I just wonder what else could she pull out of the hat to make her haters go…YEAH SHE IS AN ARTIST!

What do u think?


I think she has made a better spectacle of herself than the event. Why wouldn’t it be about her, right?


I believe her sister went to the same school that she did, a Catholic School.

Hey, at least she covered up.

One more photo after the jump…

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Get ready, monsters. ALEJANDRO will premiere next week.

Countdown starts…NOW!!!

…this is one of the several reasons why.

Here is a contestant lip syncing to Whitney’s I Will Always Love You.

LOL!!! I swear.

This bitch made Lady Gaga look like a pussy. There were no less than three looks the she pulled there!!!

I am going through my Pictures Folder and  I saw these photos of Lady Gaga doing a Hansel and Gretel  themed shoot.

Compared to what she usually wears, this is normal. Still FIERCE!!!

One more, after the jump…

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This song reminds me of the slow version of her upbeat songs Papparazzi and Pokerface.

I have not seen Lady Gaga perform in a while. The spunk that is in her last video TELEPHONE is still in my taste buds so I am not that so hungry for a while.

Anyway, here is Lady Gaga performing ALEJANDRO on American Idol. I heard that it was cut on tv but here is the full length version.

As always, she keeps things interesting. Wore an all black something which makes me think she is saying that this performance is the swan song for AI. Honestly, I have not been following American Idol like I used to. The contestants are lack luster and Paula is gone. Now that Simon will be leaving as well, it is becoming pointles…

…like boobs without nipples.

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