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I was honoured to be invited in the Diplomatic Reception to celebrate the 112th Philippine Independence Ball here in Brunei Darussalam. I would normally not bother with these kinds of invites because I am intimidated with mingling with the socialites.

In case it is not evident, I AM QUITE SHY!!!

An international “gasp” is in order, I know. I just know how to mask my inhibitions by talking too much or making fun of things. But really, I am trembling like an Eskimo without his fur (note: I have thought of a funnier thing to say but I am afraid that the Embassy might see this. LOL!).

Besides, the ball being an Independence Day Celebration just entails us to wear barongs, which is unfortunately not my best suit, so to speak.

See what I mean??? I look like a freaking lollipop.

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As for my dilemma of where I would stay or go, it took a lot of pulling strings here and there plus I had to make nice to my mum so I decided to stay.

Well, not exactly stay.

I had to ask my cousin, Tanya, to drive me down to meet my other relatives since my aunt, Tita Rose, who invited me to stay with them on their mini vacation. They headed their way to Clark, Pampanga earlier which is like a couple of hours away from where the wedding was.

It took a lot of convincing…though it was not too hard to make my cousin believe that I was dumb enough to get lost using a bus. Hell, I get lost in a stupid mall. Tanya and her new husband decided to stay overnight there, too.

So the next morning, it was OCEAN ADVENTURE TIME!!!

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I am summoning Miss Miley Cyrus to provide the soundtrack for this blog entry…

…cue in THE CLIMB!

“That sounds like fun,” is what I said when my friend invited me to go hiking in Labi a month ago. My reply are words, I think,  that you throw around loosely, like “that’s interesting” or “can’t wait” or “I love you” . I dreaded going specially knowing that I would be a complaining Mary.

The heat…insects…plants…mud…sun. ..THE HEAT.

But then again, for the seven years that I have been staying here in Brunei, I have never really gone to a place that is tourist-y. I love travelling (except the flying part) and since I am here already and I had a mosquito repellent at hand, WHY NOT!?!?

So here goes.


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I love both these girls but I love Jennifer Hudson more. She

I have followed her since her American Idol days and back then, I didn’t understand why people didn’t believe in her.

Obviously, they were wrong. She just keeps getting better and better and rubbing it in Simon Cowell’s face along the way.

It has been a while since I last heard from her (not that I am waiting for her to give me a call or anything), so I am glad to see that she is (yet again) in the new soundtrack of SATC 2. I wonder if she made a cameo though.

Listen below:

Her voice is just too distinct and I love her. TO DEATH!!!

That’s it. No more dessert for lunch…and dinner…or snacks!!!

Somehow, my post regarding Kylie Minogue is posted in Scar Remove website.

Returning the favour…please do visit:

Heartfelt thanks. 🙂

I saw this clip and I am not sure what to make of this.

The title of the clip is, Southwest Airlines: WE LOVE YOUR BAGS.

Watch for yourself…

Is this an actual ad?


But I am seriously asking…

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