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I bet that u have noticed that I have not updated this website as much as I used to. Please bear with me because I am looking into looking for another host for my blog.

I will still post some entries here though and hopefully I will be able to transition as soon as possible.

Please bear with me as I jump hoops for u all.

Nevertheless, I feel so bad for even considering to move on from here. It is not an ultimate decision but I am quite certain that moving to another host would be my best option. I am worried about my past posts and also my hits.


Oh I will talk about that before the month ends.

Anyway, I just want to get this over with as soon as I could. Hopefully, someone will be able to help me transfer everything to my new host who will be able to put up with me.

I have so many updates for u and I will try to remember all of them. They are all stored and just waiting to burst out. LOL!

In the meantime, I am online shopping thinking of making this site even better for all of u.

YOU are the reason why I am switching in the first place. 🙂


My twitter followers would be very familiar with my auntie who is quite quotable. She is the person who would ask for 123 referring to ABC, worried that she might get N1H1 and concerned about my cousin/her nephew who might have AHDH.


Last week she was admitted on Tuesday for her surgery to be done the next day in Ripas Hospital here in Brunei Darussalam.

I tell people that she is going in for surgery and I didn’t really know what she was in for Nevertheless, I made sure to scare her a little bit because she did the same thing to me when I was going for my appendectomy last February. Anyway, I learned why she needed to go for surgery in a very visual way.

Continue for grossness…

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I am became a kid all over again.

First of all, before I continue, this was not one of my proudest moments as I did not have much in my bag and I didn’t have proper shoes since they warned me it will be sort of like hiking. Needless to say, I made sure that my photos are not full body shots.

…and so I continue.

This is the second day of my Pampanga trip way back in April (20th of  April to be a nerd exact) after my cousin’s wedding. I was spending time with my cousins and this one made me reminisce way back my childhood years. If my recollection serves me right, I have been to one two zoos in my life, one in Manila when I was young and the other in Singapore when I first visited there.

The Zoobic Safari is a little different because this place makes u interact with the animals as much as possible. Makes u feel like u are visiting the animals in their natural habitat rather than them chucked out of the jungle and placed in cages for ur viewing pleasure.

It took us around half a day to tour the whole place. They had every animal I could think of. Things I remember most about this having to touch an ostrich egg, which is quite heavy. The shell is almost as thick as tiles. Another is when we had to feed a tiger which I think was freaky. Well, we didn’t actually feed the tiger but we were in a caged jeepney and a a staff of the zoo fed it with raw chicken. It was freaky though because the tongue was long enough to cover the whole chicken including the hand of the guy.

Interesting fact that I learned, if the tiger turns its back on u…run for ur social life because the pee of a tiger stinks so bad and it will linger for three days before it wears off. This is how they mark their territory.

I sound like a primary school teacher. :

If u want to learn more about Zoobic Safari, u can visit their website here.

Sidenote: I was reading through their website and apparently, this is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines. I didn’t know that. 🙂

If u have been following me on twitter, I guess u would read that I have been giving this online shopping a little bit of a shot. It is taking a lot of typing and not that much of a thrill for me though.

Anyway, since I got my HTC HD Mini, I figured that I should be especially nice to this one. So I bought it a screen protector and a rubber case to protect the back. I have bought quite a number of phone in the same shop in the past and each purchase rewarded me points. I redeemed it so I only had to pay B$3.00 for both of it.

Not bad, noh?

Since I am on a roll, I decided to purchase a few more things and after approximately five days since I had them shipped, this is what I get.

It is quite hot outside so I had one of my staff get me my package. I only had to give them my passport for verification and I hope to get it before noon strikes.

I am very very VERY excited because all of the purchases I did were specially made. I am not sure if I could count these as online purchases but I did talk to the designers myself on what I want and they did and got them to ship it.

What I will be getting will require a totally separate post.

I am waiting in agony.

This post is wayyy overdue. My original plan was to work back my posts from when I went back to the Philippines and then get it to NOW.


Anyway, I am posting as I remember and as I see the photos that are pending for posting so just bear with me. The time line of this blog is completely our of whack pretty much similar to the mechanisms of my brain.

This was wayyy back in Chritmas 2009

Anyway, just to set the record straight, I am a cheap skate and I don’t like to spend so much. I know it will not seem like it in the coming post/s but I am. I would be the person who:

  • would take away half of my lunch for dinner later
  • stock up on hotel toiletries and use them to avoid buying them from the grocer
  • gets petrol at night because they said I would get more for the same price (density nerdy explanation for this)
  • uses his credit so much to get enough points to get some free shit

Anyway, it was on a sunny Wednesday afternoon (around two weeks ago) and I decided to cancel everything in my book to accompany my friend, Ricky, since it was his day off. He was going to the Philippines that week and I offered to take him to the Mall and buy stuff for his family back home.

Before I continue, whatever it is that happened after, I had no hand or say to whatever ensued.

With that said, we ended up shopping for ourselves.

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I had a super fun and quite tiring trip to Sarawak, Malaysia over the weekend.

I have a lot of unpacking and so much more updating tomorrow.


Everything is in a mess and it is past 1 am. I have to wake up in a few hours to get ready for work and how I will survive Monday with all this ahead of me.

I will make it work.

Needless to say, my credit card is burned to the ground I had sooo much fun!!!

Updates soon!!!

It was a terrible terrible day I had, that day being a Monday. My temper was off the scale, I was not feeling well plus the heat was just excruciating.

I was just happy to know that I would be going home to a toilet that flushes. The contractors were in my house installing the thing earlier in the afternoon so I know it would be done by the time I get back since I still forced my fat ass to exercise.

Anyway, when I got back home to check on their work, this is what I ended up seeing…

Let’s just say that my toothbrush is now BLUE!

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