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When I started joining facebook, I thought that this is way cool and very easy to use. Besides, most of my friends are now using it so I might as well. My previous friendster account, way back when I had no interest in social networking, was created by my best friend just so we could keep in touch while I am working here in Brunei.

Now that she has a baby, I think our outlooks have reversed…so goes for our weight, mind you!

Anyway, property rights was an issue at one point. When they changed the layout once, Facebook also changed their terms and condition wherein photos would be owned by Facebook once posted there. After vigilant protests, that rule was amended.

Then I came across this article: More than half of Facebook users ‘could quit the site over privacy worries’

Facebook is set to roll out a set of new privacy changes 

Article says, “Concerns about privacy are running so high that 60 per cent of the 1,588 Facebook users questioned by Sophos, a computer security organisation, said they were considering deleting their accounts on the social networking site.

A further 16 per cent said they had already stopped using Facebook because they felt they had inadequate control over their data, while a quarter said that they would not be quitting the social networking site, which has almost 500 million users worldwide.

Facebook has attracted criticism in recent weeks for the perceived complexity of its privacy settings, and the fact that users have to opt-out of sharing some of their information with third parties, rather than give explicit consent by opting in. Although Facebook is expected to look again at its privacy policy in the coming days, it may not be enough to halt an online campaign for a mass Facebook “suicide” on May 31, with thousands of users encouraged to delete their accounts.”

Personally, if u are on facebook, you want to whore out yourself. It is a given.


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I was catching up with a long lost friend of mine, Norm Yip, an established photographer based in Hong Kong the other night. Just wanted to show u a part of our conversation.

Just didn’t know that my blog title would catch on…

I will need a separate blog to talk about him. I can tell u though that he is one of the reasons why I wanna go back to Hong Kong.

I wanna!!!

…just for a day.

I heard the news that the petrol costs will rise for a day to commemorate the Energy Day on 24 May 2010. I think that’s a Monday.

 Honestly, I don’t know how this will help save energy other than the fact that on this day, no one will be getting petrol. They might as well close for the whole day.

Nonetheless, the prices are still low. The exchange rate for BND1.00=PHP32.00=RM2.30.

Still cheap, right?

And yeah, I am thanking my lucky stars.

I just came across this article on MSN and I just cannot believe it.

U know I have dreamed of becoming a bazillinaire millionaire and there are so many things that I want to do. I want to travel the world in around three months. Get an uber huge car, hire a driver and get a really nice sports car for my own driving. Get my own home in several places in the Philippines and get all the bags, sunnies and clothes that I could see. Oh and get cosmetic surgery that I truly and desperately need…



Millions of people read Warren Buffett’s books and follow every move of his company, Berkshire Hathaway. But the real secret to Buffett’s personal fortune may be his penchant for frugality.

Buffett, who is worth an estimated $47 billion, eschews opulent homes and luxury items. He still lives in a modest home in Omaha, Neb., that he purchased for $31,500 more than 50 years ago.

// Although Buffett has dined in the best restaurants around the globe, given the choice, he would opt for a good burger and fries accompanied by a cold cherry Coke.

When asked why he doesn’t own a yacht, he responded, “Most toys are just a pain in the neck.”


The founder of Swedish furniture phenomenon Ikea struck success with affordable, assemble-it-yourself furniture. For Ingvar Kamprad, figuring out how to save money isn’t just for his customers, it’s a high personal value. He’s been quoted as saying, “Ikea people do not drive flashy cars or stay at luxury hotels.”

That goes for the founder as well. He flies coach for business, and when he needs to get around town locally, he either takes a bus or heads out in his 15-year-old Volvo 240 GL.

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Facebook Chat is now down for maintenance. The feature was presumably disabled following a report that exposed a Facebook security bug that allowed users to access and view friends’ live chats, friend requests and friends in common.

The report indicates that access to this personal information was accessible via Facebook’s privacy settings, with the Preview My Profile feature creating the loophole to access the private live chats of friends.

For full story, please click here.

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