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Now this is what a Royal British Sandwich with a spread of Soccer Stud looks like.

According to Just Jared:

Prince William and Prince Harry sandwich in soccer star David Beckham at a FIFA reception held at the Saxon Hotel on Saturdasy (June 19) in Johannesberg, South Africa.

The Princes are promoting England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

I don’t know if u see it but it looks like David Beckham is the long lost uncle of Prince Harry, noh?


Now all in the world is back to their proper place.

Nadal Celebrates Against Soderling

I was not able to watch the match but I do know that the game is played today but I have been following the news.

The match was between Rafael Nadal (Seeded No 2), who has never lost a game in the French Open even from when he started playing until last year when he was beaten by Robin Soderling (Seeded No 5), who is also his opponent for this year’s final.

Soderling Returns with a Forehand

Obviously, revenge is in order.

Rafael Nadal won in straight sets 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 making this his fifth French open Title. This win has made him join the ranks of Bjorn Borg who has won the tournament’s title more than five times. Borg has won it six times. Nadal could easily surpass that if he keeps his form as he did for this tournament where he did not drop a single set.

Nadal’s current record in the French Open is 28 wins to 1 loss.

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I am quite disappointed here actually.

I posted previously on the quite talked about outfit of Miss Venus Williams in the French Open 2010 which resembles lingerie.

In one of her matches, her bum was on display for all the photographers to exploit. Due to this she has returned to looking normal.

AP File Photo

Image Credit: MSN

I say might as well wear a track suit if you really want to cover up that bum.

Her outfits, including this one now, is from her Sports Wear Line ELEVEN (which is my nickname *insert a big smile*).

I am sad.

It just frustrates me to know that I will never ever ever get one of these to use in my lifetime while some gets them and sweats on them.



Everyone knows pro athletes love their bling. But it’s hard to believe some of them actually get paid to wear luxury items even when they’re on the court. Check out the $525,000 RM 027 Tourbillon timepiece that tennis great Rafael Nadal is sporting at this year’s French Open. With a carbon-composite case and lithium alloys, the watch weighs in at a mere 20 grams — supposedly light enough to not interfere with Nadal’s game.

If I do make it big and had to do sports attire and wear something expensive…


The cloe up photo of the watch can be seen after the jump…

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I am a super huge fan of tennis. Even though I haven’t played in a couple of years and I haven’t seen a tennis match since time immemorial…but STILL A HUGE FAN.

I don’t what it is about tennis but I do know that I am not a team player at least in sports. I remember playing doubles and my partner should be mute and deaf so that he can’t answer back and can’t hear all the crap I say.

Another thing that I love about tennis is the women’s outfits (recently, men’s outfits are playing a role now, too). They never cease to amaze me at how many styles they could do with a one piece tennis dress. Some are just plain boring while some are just pushing boundaries which I think is awesome.

This brings us to Venus Williams’ outfit for French Open Roland Garros 2010.

Image Credit: AP

I believe that she designed this outfit herself and it is named “ELEVAN” (?).

This has raised eyebrows and I can only imagine why this ouftit is on her:

  1. She was late for a tennis match. She just wore what she was wearing to sleep.
  2. She was running too fast (I mean, look at those legs), that the speed burned off her initial outfit with her delicates left behind.
  3. She is auditioning for the Moulin Rouge Sequel right after this match.

I still like the outfit, though. I think it is different and let’s face it, WE DRESS UP TO STAND OUT.

Well, in this case, SHE WORE LESS. Stood out, nevertheless.

Three more images, after the jump…

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