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I am just not buying into this iPhone 4 hype thing just yet. However, it is getting to some of us techie junkies…

…like this guy.

This guy is in line in front of the Apple Dallas Store.


Find out who he is after the jump…

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I have been blogging (actively) for a couple of months now and I want to share with u what I have been using to share my rants with you.

I have gone through a lot of laptops. I started buying way back in 2003 and I think I have gone through not less than seven of them. I currently have two – one at home and one that I bring around. This thing that I bring around, I think will stick for quite some time and by some time I mean a little over six months.

I bought the Sony Vaio X Series last February and I have to say that I have never been happier. It is super thin, as u can see, and very lightweight. I think it weighs less than a kilogram (780 grams, I also tried the iPad earlier this evening and my laptop is still lighter) so it won’t ruin ur bags…or ur shoulder if u whine as much as I do. It is also pencil-thin so it has that really savvy look (13.99 mm thick).

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I guess at this point, u are starting to guess just how FREAKING BORED I am.

Anyway, with all the apple/macbook/iPod (I own one)/iPad, I just wanted to know what the fuss is all about so I got one of these.

Let’s see how this measures up and I will give a review.

Hey! I may be behind the times but I told you I am thinking of doing something different…so I decided to be the last person to review it.


Stay tuned…

Bimbo moment once again. Apparently, that Monday that I mentioned earlier was last night, which means Monday on the other side of the world.

It is called the iPhone 4 to be released on the 24th of June with the following new features:

• The stainless-steel-and-glass phone is 24 percent thinner than its predecessor.

• The “retina display” increases the number of pixels fourfold. It’s apparently “a better display than the human eye can even process.”

• A new A4 processor and bigger battery allow for more talking and browsing time.

• A gyroscope improves gaming. The audience went “crazy” over this as Jobs played Jenga.

• A new camera system takes better photos, the camera records HD video, and iMovie is available as an app for $5.

• A new operating system, iOS 4, adds 100 new features, including multitasking.

• iBooks are now available on the iPhone. You only have to pay for a book once to get it on all your Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc).

• Interactive iAds will help “developers earn money so they can continue to create free and low-cost apps for users.”

• And finally, “FaceTime” — video calling, just like the Jetsons!

I don’t know more than half of what those new features meant, but I do know the rest of you do.


Source: NY Times

Image Credit: NY Times/Getty Images

Looks quite like it.

Rumours have been going around that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, will be announcing the release of the latest addition to the series of iPhone, which was last released in 2007 with the iPhone 3GS, with new and changed features. It is said that the keynote address on its new features will be delivered on Monday.

I am personally impressed with the iPhone although I don’t own one and yet my mum owns one so I think I may be a little outdated. I just think that this phone is too fun for me and I have no time to actually play around with it.

Anyway, to those who are big fans and quite familiar with it, here are the few changes that will come with the overpriced in Asia gadget:

Fourth-generation iPhone
Barring a jaw-dropping surprise from Apple, we’ve probably already seen the new iPhone, thanks in part to a hapless Apple engineer who lost a prototype (or had it stolen from his backpack, depending on whom you believe) a couple of months ago. Gizmodo paid a $5,000 finder’s fee to publish detailed photos and videos of the handset in a series of blog posts. Additional snapshots from another purported leaked iPhone later surfaced in Vietnam.

The handset they documented would represent the most radical change in the iPhone’s form factor since the original iPhone debuted in 2007. The curved back of the iPhone 3GS would be  replaced with a smooth, flat ceramic shell, complete with flat aluminum edges and buttons.

Also new, according to the bloggers who poked and prodded the prototypes: a revamped, higher-resolution display (960 by 640, to be exact, or twice the resolution of the original iPhone), dual cameras (one in back with a flash, the other in front, apparently for video chat), a version of Apple’s new A4 processor (the same one that powers the iPad), and a larger battery. The phone is also thinner than the iPhone 3GS, but slightly heavier than the current 4.8-ounce model, the bloggers said.

That’s what we (think we) know. What we don’t yet know is how much the new iPhone will cost or what storage capacities will be available. The 32GB iPhone 3GS goes for $299 with a new, two-year AT&T contract; the 16GB version sells for $199 with service. Will Apple stick to $299 as the upper end of its price range, and will it double the capacity of the priciest iPhone (to 64GB, in this case) as it has in years past? Will the current $99 8GB iPhone 3G be phased out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Other question marks: the exact resolution of the new camera(s); whether and how AT&T will support video chat, assuming the front-facing camera is the real McCoy; whether the iPhone is coming to other carriers, namely Verizon (maybe eventually, but probably not Monday); the precise day when the next iPhone goes on sale; and what the new iPhone will end up being called. (The iPhone HD? 4G? Something else?)

iPhone OS 4.0
The most dramatic change coming to the iPhone has, in fact, already been announced: multitasking for third-party apps, which will arrive as a feature in the latest version of the iPhone operating system. Also coming in iPhone OS 4.0: a universal e-mail inbox, home-screen folders, a social-gaming network, and support for Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising platform. Of course, we already got most of those details during an Apple presentation in April; hopefully, we’ll get an exact release date at Monday’s keynote.

iTunes in the cloud?
Here’s where we start wandering deeper into rumorville, with speculation that Apple might launch an “in the cloud” version of iTunes because of its acquisition of Lala earlier this year. Sounds like a good idea — and an inevitable one — but All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka thinks such an “” service is still a long way off, pending “negotiations with the [music] labels.”

A few more features after the jump…

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I guess I am saying goodbye to my HTC HD2…at least for now.

Before I continue, I would like to say that I am living in Brunei which is a place that is totally different than the Philippines. There is a lot of idle time and not a lot of places to serve as entertainment so this is my way of trying to make myself busy…  


Moving on…  

I have bought a few hundred phones since I moved here and each of them lasted around 4 months. The one that lasted the longest was my Samsung Omnia which is around 6 months, I think. Well after that, I changed to my HTC HD 2.  




 This is the dressed up version of the phone. I did it when I had a trip to Malaysia last Friday. Bought a back protector and a new screen protector (which was crap, I suggest always get a protector that is matte so that your finger slides smoothly when you play with ur phone).

I bought this phone last February and I have to say it has come pretty handy, specifications wise. It has done everything I needed it to do like syncing with my contacts, appointments, tasks, important dates and emails. It takes great photos with the 5MP camera plus it has a flash (my friends like it because they look a lot fairer in the photos). Internet surfing is a breeze, too. It doesn’t do the mobile version view crap that other Windows Mobile phones do and with the huge display, viewing webpages is as good as it could get for people on-the-go like me.  

Unfortunately, its quite obvious selling point being its size has also become quite a hassle for me. I want to keep things as compact as possible as I don’t like to carry heavy stuff, plus I don’t like anything protruding my pants whenever I place anything in the pockets.    

So while I was driving back from my long drive to from Miri, while look at the black abyss that enveloped the freeways, nothing else to see, I was so damn bored (yes, that easily). Plus I was getting quite sleepy…so to keep myself awake, I was thinking of ways to entertain myself…    

…and I came up with this.  Read the rest of this entry »

I am not really familiar of how much the iPad costs here in Asia. I know it is somehow available but not officially so the prices are still higher than usual.

Well, I thought it was high until I saw this one.

There is nothing different about it features – wise. Except it is 22-carat gold encrusted while the Apple Logo at the back is covered with 53 diamonds. This is called the “iPad Supreme Edition” from Stuart Hughes and there are only ten of these made.

U can have it if u have US$189,000 lying around…or u  are royal concubine. 😛

Via the Business Journal.

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