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I am became a kid all over again.

First of all, before I continue, this was not one of my proudest moments as I did not have much in my bag and I didn’t have proper shoes since they warned me it will be sort of like hiking. Needless to say, I made sure that my photos are not full body shots.

…and so I continue.

This is the second day of my Pampanga trip way back in April (20th of  April to be a nerd exact) after my cousin’s wedding. I was spending time with my cousins and this one made me reminisce way back my childhood years. If my recollection serves me right, I have been to one two zoos in my life, one in Manila when I was young and the other in Singapore when I first visited there.

The Zoobic Safari is a little different because this place makes u interact with the animals as much as possible. Makes u feel like u are visiting the animals in their natural habitat rather than them chucked out of the jungle and placed in cages for ur viewing pleasure.

It took us around half a day to tour the whole place. They had every animal I could think of. Things I remember most about this having to touch an ostrich egg, which is quite heavy. The shell is almost as thick as tiles. Another is when we had to feed a tiger which I think was freaky. Well, we didn’t actually feed the tiger but we were in a caged jeepney and a a staff of the zoo fed it with raw chicken. It was freaky though because the tongue was long enough to cover the whole chicken including the hand of the guy.

Interesting fact that I learned, if the tiger turns its back on u…run for ur social life because the pee of a tiger stinks so bad and it will linger for three days before it wears off. This is how they mark their territory.

I sound like a primary school teacher. :

If u want to learn more about Zoobic Safari, u can visit their website here.

Sidenote: I was reading through their website and apparently, this is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines. I didn’t know that. 🙂


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To continue…  

So another thirty minutes later, which I personally think is not near unless it is like five-minute drive away, we FINALLY got there. Here are the rest of us.  

From left: Dillard, Galgal and her kids, behind them is Ricky, one in blue I forgot his name, in black is Ricky and far right is Ricky 🙂 (that was hard!)


Obligatory group photo. I think it is a way of remembering what you look like…  


Ricky (Don don) briefed us of the things that we are NOT supposed to do though I did them anyway. And he showed us a sign that practically says THE FACILITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENT OR DEATH WHILE INSIDE THE FOREST!  

Good luck to me…so here goes!  

Here I am hiking…  


It was supposed to be a 40-minute hike according to the liars who mislead me to thinking that I could do this but it turned out to be twice as long because they said I was too slow.  



I say CARRY ME!!! PLEASE :((  

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I am summoning Miss Miley Cyrus to provide the soundtrack for this blog entry…

…cue in THE CLIMB!

“That sounds like fun,” is what I said when my friend invited me to go hiking in Labi a month ago. My reply are words, I think,  that you throw around loosely, like “that’s interesting” or “can’t wait” or “I love you” . I dreaded going specially knowing that I would be a complaining Mary.

The heat…insects…plants…mud…sun. ..THE HEAT.

But then again, for the seven years that I have been staying here in Brunei, I have never really gone to a place that is tourist-y. I love travelling (except the flying part) and since I am here already and I had a mosquito repellent at hand, WHY NOT!?!?

So here goes.


More after the jump…

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I was catching up with a long lost friend of mine, Norm Yip, an established photographer based in Hong Kong the other night. Just wanted to show u a part of our conversation.

Just didn’t know that my blog title would catch on…

I will need a separate blog to talk about him. I can tell u though that he is one of the reasons why I wanna go back to Hong Kong.

I wanna!!!

I needed to shop for the stuff that needed to go with my Barong so I had to ask  bully my best friend to go shopping with me.


This is my best friend in the whole wide world for several reasons:

  1. I’ve known her since primary.
  2. She can cook great pasta.
  3. She is pretty (this is an obligatory statement).
  4. She would skip classes to spend time (shopping) with me (and she did).
  5. Her boobs are not an unknown territory to me (too bad I cannot reciprocate).

I miss her whenever I am away and when I get back to the Philippines, we see each other like it was just the day before. Not a lot has changed and I love her dearly. Like I told her, “I love you like a nympho loves sex!”

And we love to eat, too.

We had Mexicali after shopping.

BUFFET is saved for next time.

The moment I got home from the airport in Manila,  I was immediately greeted by this box. I always wondered what it would be like to open one of these things. I usually see the posh and the rich getting their clothes in a box so now I get a little bit of that…except my box sort of resembles that of our local pie. This box holds the barong I will be wearing for my cousin’s wedding.

My Barong

This is called a BARONG, a formal wear worn by politicians, lawyers and convicts waiting for their verdict. Any similarity among these three would be a different story.

It is a National Male Attire in the Philippines. Other Filipinos call it a national “costume” only because this is not worn on a daily basis, unlike Indian’s Sari and Malay’s Baju Kurong. Either that or wearing it is only as rare as Halloween. 

I am wearing this for my cousin’s wedding. I need to buy other pieces to wear with this, of course. It is quite sheer and the mere showing of my nipples might enrage the public to throw garbage at me. Would not want to encourage pollution, would we?

My mum got one for herself, too. She needs to be pretty for the event as usual. And no, that’s not where I got it from.

My Mum's Gown

I am way backblogged but I am uploading entries that were supposed to be there since the past two weeks.

Let me shoot myself catch up…

Whenever I go out, may it be in the malls or even the immigrations line, I always meet people who just love to say something about or towards me. I find that refreshing because I am actually a little bit shy and I know most of the people who know me would disagree but I am. I believe therefore I am.

Every airport I have been to someone would say something. In the Philippines, they mentioned something about what I wear or my bags or my fake tat. In Brunei it is pretty much the same but here in KK Airport, they decided to ask a little bit more.

This is what I am wearing now and while my bags were going for security check, the inspection people asked…A LOT.


Immigration Person 1: U have big bags.

Me: I went shopping. I can’t help it.

IP 1: So where are u off to?

Me: Brunei. I am on transit here (in my head, I am thinking this bimbo better check me in the right gate).

IP 1: Are u local?

Me: No. Filipino

IP 1: What do u do there?

Me: I work there.

IP 2: As a dancer?

Me: NO!!! I am an Operations Manager (then I started to grab my bags and walked away)

IP 3: (whispering to IP2) He doesn’t look like a manager.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a dancer, or an interior designer, or an artist (all of which I have been mistaken for) but I just don’t get why I somehow I am looking creative to these people. I just laugh it off and I find it cute sometimes that they even bother to talk to me. I just know among all of my friends, I have no talent.

Other than the verbal diarrhea that I am doing OH SO WELL.

I am waiting for boarding and I am still wondering why they don’t have Bvlgari in the duty free shops.

Side Note: I brought my mum’s videoke mic thing with me. Maybe I could harness my inner American Idol.

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