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Matthew Morrison aka Mr Schuester is sang the National Anthem in a recent Mets Game.

Image Credit: Just Jared

Scruffy Mr Schuester?


Although he kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, noh?


Scene is Donna is walking in her boss’ office. Her boss’ name is Ian.

Donna: Look, Ian. I am sorry to burst in like this but I have to get this sorted. The LCA called at three this afternoon and we still haven’t gone through the budgets for…
Ian: *looks down at papers and not paying attention to Donna*
Donna: Ian?
Ian: My mum’s dead.
Donna: What?
Ian: She just keeled over and her heart stopped. She’d been lying there for eight hours.
Donna: Oh my god. IS SHE ALRIGHT?
Ian: Well, no. SHE’S DEAD, DONNA!

LOL! Fast forward a little bit and Ian started to sob. Ian is insisting to attend all his meetings for the day but was trying to be “in control” so she picked up the phone and rang up Ian’s secratary.

Donna: Hi, Liam. It’s Donna. Look, Ian’s had some bad news. I want u to cancel all his meetings and book him a car.



No, it is a personal matter, I can’t say on the phone.

No, it’s private. No, I am not gonna say. What???

Well, I can’t get authorisation from Ian, can I? HIS FUCKING MUM JUST DIED!!!

Classic! I can’t stop watching and re watching. Too bad it only ran for two seasons. 😦

I posted earlier about Mr Schuester…and now Puck is making an appearance in GQ.

Mark Salling

I just noticed that he has cut off that Mohawk. No wonder he kind of looks different.

Obviously, there is a lack of skin here. So he is making up for it by trying to inflate his lips into a Pamela Anderson blow up doll.

Overcompensation at its finest!

This photo is one of a few and can be found in the June 2010 issue of GQ.

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I used to follow Glee closely but after their hiatus earlier this year, I have not gotten back on the HS singing high horse. There is a lot of hype over the recent episodes because of the playlist.

I honestly think that this might be their downfall. Only because I have seen a lot of series and they usually do this when the ratings are dwindling or the series is coming to a close.

Then again, who am I to say. I love the showtunes.

Anyway, I was listening to Susan Boyle in the car and I didn’t realise how angelic she sounded. I am supposed to make some crude remark on how her voice is as nice as bad as she looks but I won’t. She sounded like Lea Salonga.

And then this news showed up…

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I just can’t help it but this one episode is just so rich.

First scene of Season 2 Ep 2. Louise is on a date with Mike. Guy holds hand, looks intently at her and says…

Mike: Louise, these last few weeks have been really, they’ve been incredible. I’ve never met anyone like you actually.

Louise: WOW! That is good, isn’t it?

Mike: Yes, it is. It is very good.

Louise: *Smirks*

Mike: Louise, I want to be honest with you. In the past I’ve indulged in…DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR, behaviour that I am not proud of. But I am in recovery now, so for me every day is a blessing. It really is. I think maybe this is the right time for me to open up, let someone in.

Louise: Thank you. *smiles*

Mike: Louise, I…used to…expose parts of my naked body…specifically my PENIS to young women.

Louise: Pardon?


Louise: How young? *questioning look*

Mike: Never younger than 16.

Louise: Which is…the AGE OF CONSENT, so that’s… DO WE GET DESSERT WITH THIS?


I have not really watched tv in a while. I mean that literally since I have been stuck and staring at the computer for most the time that my eye can sustain.

Things have changed with this DVD Series that I bought a few months back.

PULLING is about three single women (SATC Flashback minus Miranda and each of their own place…oh and minus the fashionable outfits) just going about their lives. Donna (middle) is engaged to a boring guy Karl but later broke it off thinking that her life should be more exciting. Karen (right) is drunk and promiscuous and she is the person they hate to love. Louise is naive, works in a cafe and has her own version of being the hopeless romantic.

I just love the dry comedy and other than LITTLE BRITAIN, this is the only other British Comedy I have become attached to…so far.

One line from this show just stuck in my head. It made me two hours late for work but I swear it was soooo worth it. Well, I was also doing my laundry but that is besides the point.

Where was I?

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