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It was quite a long night/morning and a very crazy one at the Mansion.

We went back around 3 am and my cousins decided to still hang out. Most of them are already drop dead (Pfff…lightweights!) while some are still up for it. So we did…we continued drinking until the wee hours of the morning and the people left standing were myself and Jun. Talked about random stuff like life and the mishaps that came along. We didn’t stop talking until the sun came up…literally.

I think I had like an hour of sleep since we needed to go around with the rest of our ginormous family.

We went to this Bulalo-han Place. I think my aunt, who lives in the area, was quite worried that I might not like the place (and I didn’t) but the food is great (which is true). Actually, I am not that big on the Filipino Dishes but the food here is truly Filipino.

Of course, a little trip to the Mall where I just sat in Starbucks while contemplating on what I should spend on. My cousins walked around and some even decided to play in the fountain.


At this time, I was also thinking if I should stay in Pampanga or head on back home…I stayed and made a hell tiring vacation for me.

More posts to come.

I needed to shop for the stuff that needed to go with my Barong so I had to ask  bully my best friend to go shopping with me.


This is my best friend in the whole wide world for several reasons:

  1. I’ve known her since primary.
  2. She can cook great pasta.
  3. She is pretty (this is an obligatory statement).
  4. She would skip classes to spend time (shopping) with me (and she did).
  5. Her boobs are not an unknown territory to me (too bad I cannot reciprocate).

I miss her whenever I am away and when I get back to the Philippines, we see each other like it was just the day before. Not a lot has changed and I love her dearly. Like I told her, “I love you like a nympho loves sex!”

And we love to eat, too.

We had Mexicali after shopping.

BUFFET is saved for next time.

The moment I got home from the airport in Manila,  I was immediately greeted by this box. I always wondered what it would be like to open one of these things. I usually see the posh and the rich getting their clothes in a box so now I get a little bit of that…except my box sort of resembles that of our local pie. This box holds the barong I will be wearing for my cousin’s wedding.

My Barong

This is called a BARONG, a formal wear worn by politicians, lawyers and convicts waiting for their verdict. Any similarity among these three would be a different story.

It is a National Male Attire in the Philippines. Other Filipinos call it a national “costume” only because this is not worn on a daily basis, unlike Indian’s Sari and Malay’s Baju Kurong. Either that or wearing it is only as rare as Halloween. 

I am wearing this for my cousin’s wedding. I need to buy other pieces to wear with this, of course. It is quite sheer and the mere showing of my nipples might enrage the public to throw garbage at me. Would not want to encourage pollution, would we?

My mum got one for herself, too. She needs to be pretty for the event as usual. And no, that’s not where I got it from.

My Mum's Gown

I am way backblogged but I am uploading entries that were supposed to be there since the past two weeks.

Let me shoot myself catch up…

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