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Well, this is certainly environment-friendly…and surely doesn’t cost anything. Unless, of course, u get sued for public indecency.

Calling out Erykah Badu!!!

Anyway, here is a video of people doing something to the grass…apparently to let it grow (Possibly NSFW).

The caption of this video says, “to help the grass grow, men masturbate to it.”

I think the video speaks for itself, noh?


Something about her just makes me connect and tell myself damn, “I AM NOT THAT BIG OF A BIMBO, AM I???”

Here is an interview which I just watched where Bill O’Reilly of Fox News interview Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan Governer and US Vice Presidential Candidate.

She basically trashes President Obama on his recent Oil Spill Response saying that she think that this is does not seem to be the top priority of the current US President.

But that’s not the good part.

When O’Reilly asked Palin on how she thinks this could be resolved, she said “the Dutch. They are known for dikes and for cleaning up water.”

I believe she is referring to a story, forgot if this is a like a kids’ bedtime story, where there is a kid who saved a whole village by sticking his finger in a hole of the dike to prevent water from flooding the place.

She is just a barrel of laughs. Speaking of barrels, the oil spill is pumping out approximately more than 50,000 barrels of oil each day.

Wonder where this kid is now when we need his to plug his finger in these holes.

The Japs are just amazing and hilarious. Not only do I love their food but their you tube videos, as well. I mean come on, who here has not laughed at one or two or three hundred? If anyone of u still remembers Takeshi’s castle then u are born in the same decade as I am. 😛

Oh and I like the human tetris, too…and the game where they do dares in the library…and the ones where they play pranks on people (there are a lot of those).

Anyway, here is not intentionally funny but I can’t help but laugh.

So that next time, when a by stander says, “YOU F*CKING, BITCH!!!” you will not say, “OH REALLY??? THANK U!!!”

It was a terrible terrible day I had, that day being a Monday. My temper was off the scale, I was not feeling well plus the heat was just excruciating.

I was just happy to know that I would be going home to a toilet that flushes. The contractors were in my house installing the thing earlier in the afternoon so I know it would be done by the time I get back since I still forced my fat ass to exercise.

Anyway, when I got back home to check on their work, this is what I ended up seeing…

Let’s just say that my toothbrush is now BLUE!

So my friend told me about a casting call earlier tonight for models for something. I am such a bimbo I only read the first paragraph of this extra long email but I said yes anyway.

So I had my photos printed out and met my friends after my two-hour spinning class since I insisted that we go together. We had dinner first and I had a McDo Double Cheeseburger (although I only ate half of that so I suppose that makes it only a cheeseburger???) and headed out to the audition venue. And to my surprise, it is an audition for a commercial.

A COMMERCIAL. It means it involves speaking!!!

I am quite conscious about my voice since it sounds funny when I hear it on tv or on when I record it so I don’t really know how to project it. Plus I didn’t prepare for anything. I am such a clutz even for words. My heart was beating so fast it could be a world record.

Then the dreaded moment came. It is now my turn. They made me stand in front of the camera and asked me, “so what is your name and tell us something about yourself?”

I opened my mouth and words were desperately trying to come out.

” MY NAME IS JOHN…………………………………………………REY???”

I freaking forgot my name. Damn it!!! For a few seconds there, I was trying to think really hard. It was like I was confessing my sins to a priest…and the priest would be my uncle. But this is my freaking name.

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever thought it would happen to me.

There are few more things that happened there. They asked me some more, made me walk and posed for some head shots.

I dreaded that moment and I still couldn’t believe that I would be a loss for words.

I would do it all over again…just for shits and giggles.


I am sure u did. I was on a facial bed while this was happening…

Anyway, I wonder what ur thoughts are of the winner…

…because this woman really made it known.

Love how the guy in the back is just so oblivious.


The single is finally here. All I need now is the video. Although I have to say, with the “When Love Takes Over” Video that she previously released, I am not expecting much for this one.

Here is the “Commander ft David Guetta Single Cover”.

Kelly Rowland David Guetta Commander by carlosjtj.

Image Credit: carlosjtj

Is it just me or she is strikingly similar to the Draq Queen Superstar, RuPaul???

She should’ve left that afro alone.

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