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This is just ridiculous! I think she made it her personal mission to unearth the Titanic and place it in her own backyard as a show piece.

I mean, why else would u build YOU OWN WATER PARK???

Oh yeah, right….BECAUSE SHE CAN!!!

The pregnant singer, 42, had the waterpark constructed on the $20million (£13.9million) home, which she shares with husband Rene Angelil, 68, and their nine-year-old son Rene Charles.

The lavish pool system uses 500,000 gallons of water and includes two swimming pools, two water slides and a lazy river, which has a slow current to carry bathers around the pool.

Celine, whose signature song is My Heart Will Go On, the theme from the 1998 film Titanic, splashed out several million dollars on the aquatic wonderland at her home, which bought for $12.5million (£8.6million) in 2005.

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So the video is finally here. Charice feat. Iyaz – PEEH-RAH-MED

I watched it and I had a few queries:

  1. Why does she sound like she should be joined by Alvin, Theodore and Simon?
  2. Why did they keep on insisting on shooting her profile when all we can see is a face full of jaw?
  3. Did Beyonce lend her hairblowers to her to create the illusion that the Big Bad Wolf mistook her for a house?

Kidding aside, I love her. 🙂

Not literally since there were other people in the theatre…but yes. I have done what every co dependent, relationship-ready and bank robber dreads to do, I DID SOMETHING ALONE.

*Cue in the Band*

I finished a gruelling two hour work out in the gym and decided that if no one is available to watch the Iron Man 2 with me, then I will go alone. I made the call, got my dinner and got there all in a span of 20 minutes.

 So cliche to say that I feel so empowered but I did feel that. I was so proud of myself for:

  1. Well, first off, going to the theatre alone and wearing my after gym clothes (it is ugly).
  2. Making it to the theatre on time even when I decided to go twenty mins before show started. I got a great seat, too.
  3. Sneaking in outside food and not some finger food crap…I brought a two piece chicken in. 🙂

I was feeling pretty good all throughout the movie, well in addition to the movie being AWESOME, I just felt like and odd apple because I was sitting in between two families. I even saw this kid staring at my in house snack…and no, I didn’t share. But I was there. I didn’t leave and I lasted.

Since I was feeling pretty swell plus I am the person with a little guilt, I decided to bring my food out to throw myself. I ended throwing most of my stuff and my bag because the gravy spilled inside it.


Image via this link.

This is the reason why I spell check…mostly.

via Failbook.

Found the clip…

I don’t really know what to make of this…just as much as when I tried to make sense of him being a finalist in AI.

At least he got to show the world, if ur dreams are big enough…

It says:

MARTY’s CRACKLIN’: Vegetarian Chicharon (Crispy Pork), Old – Fashioned Style, Guilt – Free


I am a big fan of charitable organizations. I won’t go to its concerts and scream HEY HO but u know what I mean.

I tell my friends that when I get just enough money, and by enough it means that I am able to sustain my shopping and techie slut status but still able to set some aside, I will settle down, adopt a kid, spoil it like crazy…and most of all…create an organization of a charitable cause. I know that true generosity comes anonymously but I say that this group will surely have my name (and face) all over it.

Currently, I am nowhere near my adoption dreams nor my shopping buzz so I opt to use my imaginary fame and make good use of it. So I am trying to make an announcement.

I believe that helping others is like a stone dropped in water, it will start with small ripples and spread out…like acne. So I am trying to help those that are (somewhat) close and then work from there. I insist on working on this one…

Look at this poor girl’s picture below.

I am not aware of her full catastrophic background but I came across her picture and I could just imagine. Okay we can see that she still has her cabinets and reading materials there. From this I can conclude that she was robbed and the rest of her house is empty leaving useless stuff behind…most probably including her…so I am guessing the robbers are gay.

Knowing that she would be useless for any sexual ploys, they just made fun out of her by making her pose half naked. This is the best shot they got but I do assume that somewhere outside this portrait is a gun pointed straight at her head. Based on the aesthetics, I suppose the robbers are a fan of the cartoons THE LITTLE MERMAID.

U can’t but I can see it in her eyes. The horror. The trauma. Let us help her out as she is freezing her nipples off.


Hey! I am no Caritas Manila nor am I a Homes for Humanity person, but I am so sure that it should be a public concern if we saw her walking down the street like this. People would throw rubbish at her and alas…POLLUTION!

Disclaimer: The photo has been edited to hide her identity, just like those drunk men whose penises get cut off for infidelity and makes it to front page. The level of similarity between these two cases are yet to be determined.

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