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As I have mentioned in my previous post, I am currently moving this page to a new home…

…and I finally have. 🙂

Please visit me in

Bear with me (yet again) while I try to figure out all these side bar crap that I still can’t figure out. I am really trying to crack my brain doing this and here I am crossing my fingers that there is some truth to what my cousin said, “u will burn more calories by thinking a lot.” Does it mean that the obese don’t use their brains?

I will see u there. Hopefully by the time that u check it out, it is decently running. 😛


My twitter followers would be very familiar with my auntie who is quite quotable. She is the person who would ask for 123 referring to ABC, worried that she might get N1H1 and concerned about my cousin/her nephew who might have AHDH.


Last week she was admitted on Tuesday for her surgery to be done the next day in Ripas Hospital here in Brunei Darussalam.

I tell people that she is going in for surgery and I didn’t really know what she was in for Nevertheless, I made sure to scare her a little bit because she did the same thing to me when I was going for my appendectomy last February. Anyway, I learned why she needed to go for surgery in a very visual way.

Continue for grossness…

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I posted the “Touch Down” Jesus being struck by lightning and burned down.

Now, talks are in process to rebuild the statue. The statue erected outside of the Solid Rock Church is insured for US$500,00 which is twice the cost of it to be built. Its original artist Brad Coriell of Nashville says:

“Whether it’s a 65-foot tall image of Him struck by lightning today or His death on a cross for the sins of the world some 2,000 years ago, we’re still talking about Him! Amen.”


The Courier Journal reports

Coriell could be among the artists who will propose designs and cost estimates, Bishop said. She hopes a reconstructed Jesus likeness will be completed by year’s end.

Coriell, who is semi-retired, told The Cininnati Enquirer that he had not yet spoken to Bishop or her husband, co-pastor Lawrence Bishop, “but would be honored to create a piece that would support their work for the kingdom.”

In any case, the design is likely to vary from the original, said Bishop’s son-in-law, Mark Mitten, who is gathering proposals from artists.

I am not sure how I feel about rebuilding this statue especially with how much it costs. I know I will be hit by lightning (no pun intended) for saying this but I think that cash could be used for something else.With the disasters I have been posting here, I think they could think of something.

Besides, the co-pastor, Darlene Bishop,  of the Solid Rock Church said it herself, “what it represented is still alive.”

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If I had this body, this is what I would wear just right after summer vacation and before the rainy season. 🙂

I saw the news last night before I got my snooze time. Wasn’t sure if I read it correctly but now I think I am awake enough to confirm.

In Caddo Gap, Arkansas, a flash flooding which rose to as high as eight feet ravaged through the camp ground on Friday. Camp ground was filled with families staying in tents. Flash flood occurred in their sleep which was strong enough to overturn RV’s. There are 16 reported dead and dozens are still missing.

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I have been preparing for this post for quite some time. It was wayyy due since April so I will try to remember what happened.


I actually went home just for her wedding (which was damn expensive, may I add). This is also the wedding I was preparing for when I bought my barong and my mum bought her gown .

The wedding is in Pampanga (north of Luzon) quite far from my hometown, Laguna (south of Luzon). Approximately four-hour drive, I got there the night before since I needed to buy stuff some more. For what reason, I am uncertain but I did buy something. I will try to remember.

Anyway, it was a WHOLE LOT OF CRAZY simply because most of my family members were there. That includes, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. I am the oldest of the 21 cousins, so naturally, I am the most subdued.

Do not roll your eyes on me young man/lady!!!

This is just from my dad’s side btw.

Anyway, I think there is nothing much to say about this wedding as it is what it was…A WEDDING. I do think though that the photos speak for themselves.

Oh and at the reception, they had this mini booth there sort of like red carpet except the photos are timed. I think this is why I don’t remember much of the reception since I stayed there most of the time.

To Mark and Tanya, I wish u all the best. Take care of Keysha, their daughter and my god daughter, and may you shower her with love. I know no two people better suited for the journey ahead.

*Insert sobbing sounds and teary eye even though I never cry*

…and so it has arrived.

After the teaser, the full video of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro has arrived.

This is so Madonna, I think. Never ceases to entertain, though.

I remember she said in one of her interviews that there is nothing original anymore and she wants to challenge that.

Wonder when I will be convinced.

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