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What Angelina Jolie wants, Angelina Jolie gets…or else she will so Tomb Raider Move ur ass!!!

Angelina Jolie who is raising six kids with “husband” (emphasis on the quotation marks), Brad Pitt. Currently, Brad Pitt is back on speaking terms with ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. However, Ange (yeah, we are on a first name basis…one way though) is furious of the thought of Jen acting motherly with her kids.

According to the Showbiz Spy…

“Angie told Brad that it was one thing for him to hang out with ‘That woman’,” a source said, “but it would be quite another if he let her see the children.

“The last thing she wants is Jen trying to act like some kind of surrogate mother to her six kids. She cannot imagine anything more distressing — and at the same time she does not want any of them getting confused about what is happening to their family.

“Angie doesn’t want the kids — and particularly the ones who are too young to understand, like 4-year-old Shiloh — why Brad is spending time with another woman.

I so want to know how this conversation went.

I assume that it would go the same way it did when they discussed getting married.

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