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I bet that u have noticed that I have not updated this website as much as I used to. Please bear with me because I am looking into looking for another host for my blog.

I will still post some entries here though and hopefully I will be able to transition as soon as possible.

Please bear with me as I jump hoops for u all.

Nevertheless, I feel so bad for even considering to move on from here. It is not an ultimate decision but I am quite certain that moving to another host would be my best option. I am worried about my past posts and also my hits.


Oh I will talk about that before the month ends.

Anyway, I just want to get this over with as soon as I could. Hopefully, someone will be able to help me transfer everything to my new host who will be able to put up with me.

I have so many updates for u and I will try to remember all of them. They are all stored and just waiting to burst out. LOL!

In the meantime, I am online shopping thinking of making this site even better for all of u.

YOU are the reason why I am switching in the first place. 🙂


I am not going to toot my own horn on this one but I have no choice.

LOL! Ok that made me laugh on my own.

Anyway, to all the single people out there who is so close to considering some monastery as their new home, how many times have u been asked WHY U ARE STILL SINGLE? To make matters worse, they will credit u for every good little thing, every lovable trait thatu have, every reason why u shouldn’t be single…then ask why u still are?!?!?

If I had a penny for every time I got that question…errr…how much is a penny again???

Anyway, I came across this article from MSN Lifestyle and here are some of the question u should never ask me or any single person out there because we are going to gather, make a cult of choosing singlehood and create a kung fu move that we will set upon whoever asks us these. It may be written by a girl for girls, but still I can relate.

1. It happens when you’re not looking.
“This is just bull. Some people find people when they’re looking; some don’t. You’re not doing anything wrong by going out and meeting people.” —Beth

2. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
“I dated a guy whose last name was Fish. People just had a BLAST with that one.” —Kelly

3. So, why are you single?
“I generally dislike this question. I mean honestly, if I knew why, I don’t think I would be single right now, now would I?!” —Erica

4. You’re too picky.
“This may be true, but it feels like I’m getting criticized for my taste, vision, and close-mindedness — when I’m already down.” —Sarah

5. You’ll find the right person for you.

6. He’s out there.

7. It was just bad timing.
“Like it’s so easy to dismiss a guy on such an emotionless and objective reason.” —Taryn

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This post is wayyy overdue. My original plan was to work back my posts from when I went back to the Philippines and then get it to NOW.


Anyway, I am posting as I remember and as I see the photos that are pending for posting so just bear with me. The time line of this blog is completely our of whack pretty much similar to the mechanisms of my brain.

This was wayyy back in Chritmas 2009

Anyway, just to set the record straight, I am a cheap skate and I don’t like to spend so much. I know it will not seem like it in the coming post/s but I am. I would be the person who:

  • would take away half of my lunch for dinner later
  • stock up on hotel toiletries and use them to avoid buying them from the grocer
  • gets petrol at night because they said I would get more for the same price (density nerdy explanation for this)
  • uses his credit so much to get enough points to get some free shit

Anyway, it was on a sunny Wednesday afternoon (around two weeks ago) and I decided to cancel everything in my book to accompany my friend, Ricky, since it was his day off. He was going to the Philippines that week and I offered to take him to the Mall and buy stuff for his family back home.

Before I continue, whatever it is that happened after, I had no hand or say to whatever ensued.

With that said, we ended up shopping for ourselves.

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It was a terrible terrible day I had, that day being a Monday. My temper was off the scale, I was not feeling well plus the heat was just excruciating.

I was just happy to know that I would be going home to a toilet that flushes. The contractors were in my house installing the thing earlier in the afternoon so I know it would be done by the time I get back since I still forced my fat ass to exercise.

Anyway, when I got back home to check on their work, this is what I ended up seeing…

Let’s just say that my toothbrush is now BLUE!

Other than making u lose that unsightly bulge, it makes me sweat like a whore in church just right after servicing a hundred men.

I took the liberty of taking shots of myself after an hour of spinning just to show how much I sweat in that freaking class. U can’t see it so much from the photo but the only dry spot on that shirt are the parts hanging from my waist. It does look like I pissed in my shorts but it was the sweat. I did lie about farting in class but this one is really just sweat ok?

Yes, I loathe it just as much as I love it.

I did solely hate it though at one point because I couldn’t get the rhythm plus I had a stupid blister on my hand from the moves. When I got the hang of it, I have to say that it was something that I would want to do regularly. Sometimes,  I do two hours of this class back to back. The technique is to not place too much of your weight on your arms/hands/shoulders and let the body do the work. I think it is working wonders on my tummy and I could actually feel it while doing the class.

Yeah! I did shower that bike with my sweat!!!

One more photo after the jump…

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It was quite a long night/morning and a very crazy one at the Mansion.

We went back around 3 am and my cousins decided to still hang out. Most of them are already drop dead (Pfff…lightweights!) while some are still up for it. So we did…we continued drinking until the wee hours of the morning and the people left standing were myself and Jun. Talked about random stuff like life and the mishaps that came along. We didn’t stop talking until the sun came up…literally.

I think I had like an hour of sleep since we needed to go around with the rest of our ginormous family.

We went to this Bulalo-han Place. I think my aunt, who lives in the area, was quite worried that I might not like the place (and I didn’t) but the food is great (which is true). Actually, I am not that big on the Filipino Dishes but the food here is truly Filipino.

Of course, a little trip to the Mall where I just sat in Starbucks while contemplating on what I should spend on. My cousins walked around and some even decided to play in the fountain.


At this time, I was also thinking if I should stay in Pampanga or head on back home…I stayed and made a hell tiring vacation for me.

More posts to come.

Two days have certainly the longest time that I have been offline. Been tweeting through my phone over the weekend and it did make me miss my trusty laptop…therefore no updates.

My weekend was super busy although most of it was spent on sleeping.

I SERIOUSLY NEEDED IT. It has been a while since I had my 14 hour snooze time.

My weekend consisted of chores, a concert, an after party, a pool party and a hotel party. I am using the word “party” very very VERY loosely.

I am back in action and let me catch up with lost time.

I miss u!!!

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