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How can I miss this news huh? Bimbo to bimbo, we should have some sort of special way to communicate, noh?

Kellie Pickler is known to be the American Idol Season 5 Contestant who has that southern charm and very naive outlook (I know, I can relate). She joined the US Reality Show with her grandmother supporting her all the way, being the person who raised her and is her only family around.

Image Credit: Getty Images

According to People…

For Kellie Pickler, June 15 has long been “sad and hard for me,” as it is the birthday of her late grandmother, Faye Pickler.But the traditional sadness of the day turned to happiness last week, when Pickler’s boyfriend, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, proposed on a Florida beach at sunset.

“It turned out to be the most amazing day of my life,” the fifth-season American Idol star, 23, tells PEOPLE. “My whole world changed. We both feel like we got my grandmother’s blessing.”

She looks and sounds vomitrociously happy. Hollywood marriages are most usually tagged with an expiration but this seems something for the long haul.

Damn it! I am getting mushy. I am supposed to be sarcastic!!!

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I have been preparing for this post for quite some time. It was wayyy due since April so I will try to remember what happened.


I actually went home just for her wedding (which was damn expensive, may I add). This is also the wedding I was preparing for when I bought my barong and my mum bought her gown .

The wedding is in Pampanga (north of Luzon) quite far from my hometown, Laguna (south of Luzon). Approximately four-hour drive, I got there the night before since I needed to buy stuff some more. For what reason, I am uncertain but I did buy something. I will try to remember.

Anyway, it was a WHOLE LOT OF CRAZY simply because most of my family members were there. That includes, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. I am the oldest of the 21 cousins, so naturally, I am the most subdued.

Do not roll your eyes on me young man/lady!!!

This is just from my dad’s side btw.

Anyway, I think there is nothing much to say about this wedding as it is what it was…A WEDDING. I do think though that the photos speak for themselves.

Oh and at the reception, they had this mini booth there sort of like red carpet except the photos are timed. I think this is why I don’t remember much of the reception since I stayed there most of the time.

To Mark and Tanya, I wish u all the best. Take care of Keysha, their daughter and my god daughter, and may you shower her with love. I know no two people better suited for the journey ahead.

*Insert sobbing sounds and teary eye even though I never cry*

I have been trying trying to find the time to write more of the things that I have done since April. I was in the Philippines at that time and attended my cousin’s wedding, went around Central Luzon and spent a lot of time with my family and friends. Of course, shopping is somewhere in between…A LOT!

As for May, I attended a Heroes and Villians event which I am yet to write about since I am slowly forgetting most of what happened, another party the week after that plus a classical music concert which I surprisingly enjoyed.

Now for this month, it is not even halfway through and I want to write about the Leap of Creation of Expression Music.

I will work on it soon. Maybe over a coffee of CBTL…that place really centres me when I am alone.

As for now, I will tide u over with a photo of my crazy ass family from the wedding back in April.

These are my cousins. Miss them…boobs and fats and all!!!

The moment I got home from the airport in Manila,  I was immediately greeted by this box. I always wondered what it would be like to open one of these things. I usually see the posh and the rich getting their clothes in a box so now I get a little bit of that…except my box sort of resembles that of our local pie. This box holds the barong I will be wearing for my cousin’s wedding.

My Barong

This is called a BARONG, a formal wear worn by politicians, lawyers and convicts waiting for their verdict. Any similarity among these three would be a different story.

It is a National Male Attire in the Philippines. Other Filipinos call it a national “costume” only because this is not worn on a daily basis, unlike Indian’s Sari and Malay’s Baju Kurong. Either that or wearing it is only as rare as Halloween. 

I am wearing this for my cousin’s wedding. I need to buy other pieces to wear with this, of course. It is quite sheer and the mere showing of my nipples might enrage the public to throw garbage at me. Would not want to encourage pollution, would we?

My mum got one for herself, too. She needs to be pretty for the event as usual. And no, that’s not where I got it from.

My Mum's Gown

I am way backblogged but I am uploading entries that were supposed to be there since the past two weeks.

Let me shoot myself catch up…

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